I can't jot down my being in a respectful amount of characters for others, the very notion is patently preposterous if you think about it.

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Anonymous asked: your fav childhood memory?




Not paying bills


Ya'll be like:I love black girls......with european features
Ya'll be like:Black girls with afros are long as they got light skin.
Ya'll be like:Black girls are beautiful...but just the ones who are white passin' or as racially ambiguous as possible.
Ya'll be like:Natural hair is the best long as the curls are really really loose.


Resin stacking rings by daimblond

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Anonymous asked: joan rivers has a family...




so do the palestinians she wished dead



So damn beautiful

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Naomi photographed by Hao Zeng , Harper’s Bazaar Mexico and Latin America September 2014 

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The way I dress is really about the message I want to send out to the world about who I am. Growing up in Alabama, I was black. I was poor. I was assigned male at birth — that’s how I like to put it. These things defined me, but I’m not any of these things. Clothes were a way for me to announce to the world who I was. I am not any of these things. This is who I am." - Laverne Cox

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